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The version of me that exists in my head is one where I can spend a week on a tropical island and come back rejuvenated and ready to tackle any task at hand. I’ll immediately put away the suitcases upon my arrival right before heading out to the local market to replenish our stockpile of veggies and get right back to cooking three meals from scratch. Well, almost a week after we returned from our trip to Puerto Rico, I’m still resisting the return to reality as reminded by the picked over suitcase staring back at me and abundance of laundry. The only reason I managed to have fresh produce in the house is because Relay Foods makes it easy to schedule a delivery in advance. Grocery shopping online has become as much a part of packing as, well, packing. I’ve lived with myself long enough to know that I love vacations so much (who doesn’t?) that transitioning back into real life is rarely pretty for me. I also know I’ll return craving fresh food in their purest form to help balance out all those vacation indulgences. Since I can shop online right before I leave and schedule the delivery for when I return, I know that no matter how difficult adulting becomes for me while away, I can at least get back to eating like an adult that cares as quickly as possible. 

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I’ve written about my love of Relay Foods before but this time of year my delivery haul is even better as May marks the return of the Spring Bounty Share. It’s basically the local farmer’s market in a box – you order it online and can either choose to pick it up or have it delivered. The Bounty Share is available in both full or half shares and is a collection of seasonal produce from farms within the region, just like the farmer’s market. Relay gives you a pretty exact idea what to expect in your bounty share each week even lists the name of the farms from which the specific items are coming from, so you know just who you are supporting. But unlike the farmer’s market, when you order the Relay Foods Bounty Share, you can add in the rest of your groceries, like packaged or frozen foods, to your order and have all your shopping done at once. All you then have to do is pick it up or answer the door.

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My first May Bounty consisted of a variety of leafy greens that can be expected this time of year around here: kale, spring salad mix, and green leaf. I also received the highly anticipated asparagus, our other markets are still charging way too much for a bunch that simply isn’t worth it and I’m now the proud new owner of 4 huge sweet potatoes, turnips, spring onions, and a big stash of pea shoots calling for experimentation. Oh, I can’t forget the bunch of cilantro that never made it into the refrigerator before it was whipped into my Creamy Cilantro Dressing to use on all those salad greens. My first dinner was a simple salad topped with black beans, hemp seeds, and the cilantro dressing. With fresh nutrients balancing me out and giving me the much needed energy boost, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. Time to put away the suitcase and order my next bounty share because I see local strawberries are making an appearance! Scroll down for a discount if you’re interested in giving Relay Foods a try.

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Relay Foods Discount:

My Tell a Friend link is still available for use! You can get $20 off your first order of $60 or more – if you want to give Relay Foods a try without a huge risk, but I’m pretty sure you’ll have no regrets. You can also sign up for Relay’s Doorstep program which provides unlimited monthly deliveries for $19 a month if delivery is going to be your go-to method to save on delivery costs. Or you can still choose the free pick up! Just confirm they are available in your area: Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

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{this post was sponsored by Relay Foods but all opinions here are my own and I’d never promote any product or business I do not stand behind.}