vegan health and fitness magazine

I was lucky enough for Vegan Health & Fitness magazine to reach out to me for an interview for their new vegan parenting series. You can find the interview starting on page 8 in their September/October issue, with Rob Zombie on the cover, and the magazine can be found at Barnes & Noble. That alone was an honor but I was so surprised to find they also featured some of my favorite food photos showcasing the beauty of plant-based foods. The whole interview and photos took up 8 pages, I’m truly grateful that Vegan Health & Fitness found them so worthy.

Even though I aim for a healthy lifestyle, it does feel kind of funny to me that I would be in a health and fitness magazine. I think after years of living off of junk food and edible horrors, and constantly fighting cravings, I will always feel like I’m not a healthy person. But then I leave the house and see what the rest of the western world is consuming and realize I do okay most of the time. I’m always vegan, that’s all I know, it’s a moral imperative. Eating healthy just keeps me mentally at my best. Once I started listening to my body, I saw that the foods that make me the most instantly happy because they are loaded with sugar, caffeine, or because they are fried, are the ones that really take their toll on my overall mental health. The crash from them is no joke and it keeps us coming back from more until our health and happiness is in such a rut. I’m always trying to find the perfect balance. But for now, I’ll just enjoy this feature and continue to support vegan magazines – I love when people find their own ways of activism and I think these publications play such an important role. Plus, not having to flip through ads of animal use and murder is a big plus.

I’d also like to thank Annika Lundkvist – she is the freelance writer for VHF and some other publications and is the one who conducted the interview.