I am completely enamored with the app Steller. I first started using it last summer, however, I’ve only used it a handful of times. I can’t explain why I love something so much but don’t spend very much time with it. Maybe it’s because I feel like such a new face there, I don’t have any connections yet like I do on other platforms so I feel kind of alone in a sea of numbers. But when I do log in, I find a wealth of inspiration and there’s something about flipping through pages of photos and words together that is missing from all the scrolling in other outlets. It feels a little bit more magical to me and I tell myself I would like to devote more time to creating stories just for Steller

I did create one of our trip to Bloodroot, the cafe we came upon in our travels mentioned in the previous post, it looks like others enjoyed it as well, especially in comparison to my other stories, so I wanted to share it here too and give you a feel for Steller if you’re not yet familiar. If you’re already on Steller, please leave your profile in the comments so I can find you!