Cara Schrock Vegan YouTube ChannelVideo is not yet my forte but it’s something I’d like to get better doing but until then, I’ve uploaded a few recipe videos to my YouTube channel. Please head on over and subscribe because I’ll be having a new series coming soon if all goes as planned. The recipe videos I originally created for the LOV3 Foundation – a non-profit of which I’m one of the founding council members. It was just something I wanted to do for the foundation as we worked on projects behind the scenes for now.

As for the new series, a friend and I have been throwing around some ideas and we plan to film our first pilot this weekend, which I’m calling it a “pilot” so I feel like we are doing something really serious when in reality we’ll just be filming ourselves being, well, ourselves. But hopefully you all will find some value in what we share. I’ll have more on that once we get our first episode fleshed out, we want it to be organic so I’m excited to see what comes of it! But if you’re interested – click on over and give it a subscribe!