driftwoodWhile VegNews magazine is fabulous, I’m really drawn to the vegan publications that go beyond typical vegan news and recipes. Along with Chickpea Magazine, another one I adore is Driftwood“travel and culture for the graduated vegan“. Only my favorite things for my favorite demographic. I genuinely love supporting vegan-owned businesses especially those who use creative outlets as their form of activism. There’s something really comforting knowing I can flip through any page and not have to mentally edit out non-vegan offenders. It’s almost as if I can disappear in a completely vegan world for a moment. Take a look at this stunning cover for the their 3rd issue. I am shamelessly encouraging everyone to hurry up and get a subscription, or buy an issue individually, so you can see my contribution in issue 4. You can peep a little preview on the inside of the back cover of issue 3. Even if not for my article, and possibly in spite of my article, it is a magazine worth having on your coffee table and it will be supporting good folks.