It’s World Vegan Day so I thought I’d take a minute to share reasons why I strive for a cruelty-free life:

I eat cruelty-free because… As a woman, I believe in everyone’s right to body autonomy whether they have two legs or four.

As a mother, I believe in a mother’s right to birth, bond with, nurse, and raise her babies as she sees fit.

As a believer of God, I believe religion is a terrible excuse to cause harm, that we were provided with everything we need to thrive from the plant kingdom, and that animals would not be given the ability to feel pain, cry, and fight for their lives if they were meant for us to eat and use.

As a person with compassion, I believe how we treat those at our mercy and who we could help protect, says a lot about our character.


As an evolved human, I believe I have the right to live free from harm and that right is not exclusive to me, but everyone’s right, legality does not equal morality, and what my ancestors have done for survival is irrelevant to my survival needs today.

As a resident of Earth, I believe it is my duty to eat and live in a way that causes the least environmental damage to the planet we all share.

As everyone’s equal, I do not believe anyone should have to suffer for my benefit, as practical as possible in a corrupt world.

For these reasons I am VEGAN. For the animals, for our Earth, and for humans everywhere – because I am not superior.