Welcome to my first anxiety-fueled Periscope! I deliberately did this as early as I could on a Wednesday, hoping that nobody would join in as I broadcast live, alas, a few people did but I was really appreciative of the interaction even though I was rendered incapable of responding properly. I was only going to share it if I liked it. Turns out I hated it and it was more difficult than I expected. So why am I sharing it? Just to show you all a bit of the real me when I have to do any kind of talking and to let anyone else that deals with anxiety know – yeah, it sucks and it can hold us back from showing the awesomeness that we really are, but it happens to so many of us. And I really believe that the more we do it, the easier it will become. I know I’ll never feel these periscopes are perfect and worthy of sharing so might as well throw it all out there in its unedited glory.

After replaying this back, I realized that you can’t see the viewer interaction so I sound very random. But every time I lean in, I’m reading comments and trying to respond. I’d love to do one of these every Wednesday morning to work on my charisma and charm but most importantly, to get more comfortable with questions coming at me from left field. I couldn’t believe all of my knowledge on the protein myth instantly evaporated into thin air. Guys, I know this stuff, this is a byproduct of anxiety. I know Wednesday morning is an awkward time, especially for the west coast folks, so I’m open to suggestions, but that definitely works best for my schedule. Until I’m more comfortable with it, I’m totally okay talking to myself. I would really love topic suggestions and I apologize in advance that I will never be able to read the tiny text of your name if you do join. I’m not sure what to do about that but it sounds like a good excuse to buy that monocle I always wanted. 

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