The Schrock's.
The Schrock’s wandering in the Catskills. 2015.

Welcome – you are probably here by way of my Instagram, or maybe it’s tumblr, as that has been the bulk of my internet presence for the last couple years. If you’ve come from either, you also probably have an interest in food as my once random Instagram account morphed into one of that of a food blogger’s over the past year or so. I was originally content throwing up quick snapshots on my account but then suddenly I found myself as the one captured by the joy and self-expression that is food photography. This is where the birth story of my original site you may know, Peas & Protests. begins. 

The original intent of Peas & Protests was to double as a food blog slash activism outlet. I was going to pepper in the why and how of veganism along with beautiful food that acted as the trail of breadcrumbs that lured unsuspecting non-vegan visitors to my page in search of a tantalizing recipe. While I enjoy sharing recipes, very much so, I quickly felt like I niched myself into a box that was a bit too snug.
I enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, I love eating nourishing food made by my own hands with the help of natures edible jewels. But what I really love is having gorgeous food to photograph – that makes my heart sing as much as plants make my body thrive. I would often find myself saying that I only cooked just to take the photo, and it’s partly true. Once I admitted how big the role of the photography played in my cooking, it relieved myself of the pressure of aspiring to be a full-time recipe developer, or cook book author, or restaurant owner, or what other aspirations that usually accompany a food blogger. It opens up room for me to enjoy the never ending supply of already perfected recipes in existence and focus on my bigger enjoyment, the food photography. In addition to original recipes, I now also look forward to showcasing the delicious recipes created by other plant-based or vegan chefs (more love for the vegans!) and sharing food inspiration that happens in my kitchen that may not always be accompanied with a detailed written recipe but hopefully will inspire your own delicious creations. You can find those under the Food Inspo category for when you’re in an idea rut but still looking to create your own masterpiece.
With that mental obstacle clearing space among the jumbled thoughts bouncing around in my overworked mind, I was able to realize just how much I missed writing.  And love traveling. And have been wanting to expand my photography scope into even more beyond food. Whispers of a travel blog started creeping into my thoughts as I incorporate more travel into my life but I worked hard to quiet them. I didn’t want to launch myself into another box. I didn’t want to maintain two sites or personas. I simply didn’t want to limit my creative scope anymore than I already was. As simple and non-ground breaking as the concept is, just like that, another lifestyle blog was born. This allows me the genre room to also write about traveling with a healthy dose on the vegan food we sample during our journeys in addition to recipes and food photography, other freelance work that has come my way, animal rights, home, family, and whatever else I may dream up at the time. Why didn’t I think of this in the first place?
Needless to say, the Peas & Protests moniker no longer aptly applies. That perfectly cute travel blog name I couldn’t silence, also does not fully apply. As I brainstormed the perfect branding that would be all encompassing and allow the necessary room for evolution, it hit me as hard as the so obvious ah-ha lifestyle blog moment – I already have a brand name, established in 2004, that completely encapsulates all that I am. And here we are, even if we did take the scenic route.