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I had yet to experience the most perfect brownie since I went vegan. It’s not because I’m vegan, I just don’t often come across as many vegan brownies as I’d like and I apparently have very specific expectations of the perfect brownie that few fail to meet, even long before veganism was a thing in my life. Then I started to get into the whole black bean brownie thing, which is awesome, but they definitely don’t produce what I’ve been missing.

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Fast forward to the other day when looking for a new easy dessert to experiment with, one that could work as a last minute potluck favorite, enjoyed by young and old alike, vegans and non-vegans. I flipped through Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar looking for a nice traditional, yet reliable, cookie as my go-to that didn’t call for anything that would require a special trip to the store. I’ve a good collection of baking essentials on hand so I wanted something I could generally always whip up should a dessert crisis strike (with kids, it happens more than one would expect). I came across the brownie recipe that I’ve passed by before without a second thought, purely for the fact it calls for silken tofu and who the hell always has that on hand? Oddly enough, I had 2 packs of silken tofu in my refrigerator that I had bought when a friend and I were working on something. I flipped the page once more to the same brownie recipe now with a thick layer of cheesecake on top. I was done. DONE. I would not rest until I tasted those for myself.

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Since I wanted to get the full benefit of readily available silken tofu, I decided to make a batch of the regular brownies and the cheesecake version. I followed both recipes exactly, except for not putting in as many chocolate chips in the cheesecake. I didn’t have mini chips they called for and I was already on a sugar overload so I thought we’d live without as much chocolate and just did a sprinkling on top. The plain brownies were everything I want in a brownie. The cheesecake version produced an even fudgier brownie with a creamy cheesecake later that was just right. I found not one but two go-tos. 

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Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar is a good book to have on hand, you can usually find it pretty cheap since it’s been around for awhile and on the small side but I did see that someone shared the recipe online. Go get that silken tofu and get baking!

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