I work from home so my days aren’t typically spent talking with humans but my Rowdy Boys, as I like to call them. Robbie and Atticus, our rescue pups. They follow me from room to room and settle in right next to me wherever I go. I have a standing desk set up now for my laptop so they curl up on the closest end of the couch right behind me, sometimes at my feet.

They both have their own personalities, Atticus is the curious, happy pup, tail is always wagging, he comes bouncing over as soon as you call his name – or someone else because he does not want to miss out on any attention. He’s the alpha and 50% spaz and 50% cuddle bug. Sleepiness really brings out his Chihuahua eyes.

Then there is Robbie, a man with many nicknames. He’s a dachshund-mix so he has an over-sized long body carrying a few too many pounds. Not because he indulges too much but because he is literally the laziest dog I’ve met. Check out how he plays tug of war with his brother and you’ll see what I mean. Life seems underwhelming to him, if you get a tail wag, it’s a big event. Many of these traits are classic Doxie but Rob is the funniest dog without even trying. I could do a whole series on his shifty, expressive eyes and his gloriously slothy positions. I often whisper to him when nobody else is looking, just to tell him he’s my favorite. I know, taboo for Mothers to do, but to know Rob is to love him. He is just so bizarrely ROB.

Here’s a short little photo essay that captures our nightly dinnertime with our dappled boy. Just click on through to flip through the story and always adopt don’t shop – because when we buy animals from stores and breeders, shelter dogs like Robbie and Atticus, do not have a chance at life.