brownie doughnuts

If you’ve been paying attention to the food blogging world, I’m sure you’re familiar with Plant Philosophy (formerly known as Plant Strong Vegan). I’ve always been drawn to Margaret’s recipes as I felt she spoke my food language. Often relying on whole foods and natural ingredients to sweeten and color her approachable creations, she was a woman after my own taste buds. It’s been a pleasure to find she is as sweet as she is talented in the kitchen and behind the camera. Margaret is one of my biggest inspirations and we’re so lucky she shares her recipes with us. So when she posted the photos of her new Double Chocolate Chip Brownie Doughnuts (whoa!) , they immediately went on the must-make list. They require such few ingredients and come together with a quickness right in the blender. I made a strawberry glaze from powdered sugar to top them with because of what I had on hand, but next time – and there will be a next time, I’m going for the cashew cream. Head on over to Plant Philosophy for the recipe. 

browne donuts (36)-2