mint (24)

After Dinner (and anytime) Mint
After dinner mint. Keep in freezer, eat when you want or use to garnish ice cream.
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  1. + ¼ cup coconut oil
  2. + ¼ cup raw cacao
  3. + 1/8 cup maple syrup + more to taste.
  4. Mint leaves (I made 12 but had a lot of chocolate left over)
  1. Melt the oil, stir in cacao and syrup. Add a touch of vanilla extract and/or pinch of salt, if needed (I didn’t). Pour into a small but deep jar, dip the leaves by the stem, lay flat on parchment paper and freeze. Then transfer to a freezer safe storage container once solid.
  1. I eyeballed the chocolate sauce and adjusted to taste, you can always just melt your favorite vegan chocolate.
Cara Schrock