This post is entirely too long over due. Our road trip to Providence, RI feels like it was years ago, and that’s not too far off as it’s been almost a year. We had several trips last year in a short amount of time and although I had every intention on recapping them all immediately after, post-travel fog decided otherwise. But our first trip of 2016 was a really fun trip, hitting 3 New England states, even during the end of winter. Gone are the days where we solely pick warm climate vacations to escape our polar vortexes, now we just want to go everywhere and anywhere at any time. In an attempt to cross off the final 3 states we had not yet explored along the east coast, we chose to hit them all at once during Julian’s spring break last year. (As I’m writing this, we’re in the middle of planning our upcoming Spring Break trip for this year.)

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{grey skies up above but sunshine in the streets}

Around that time I had also joined the ranks of vegan travel bloggers over at the wonderful resource Vegan Travel. Again, I just love seeing all of the creative ways people contribute to making the world easier to navigate as a vegan, making it all the more accessible for the vegan-curious. I got a couple posts up on our time in Puerto Rico before my extended writers block began, It wasn’t just this blog I was neglecting! I included some photos of Providence here but head on over to Vegan Travel to check out the full scoop on our time in Providence, RI including what we did and more importantly, where we ate.  Hopefully the Maine and Vermont recaps aren’t far behind. And make sure to bookmark Vegan Travel for future vacations. You can connect with travel bloggers who have visited places all over the world and can help you navigate foreign land in that special vegan-y way.

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While VegNews magazine is fabulous, I’m really drawn to the vegan publications that go beyond typical vegan news and recipes. Along with Chickpea Magazine, another one I adore is Driftwood: “travel and culture for the graduated vegan“. Only my favorite things for my favorite demographic. I genuinely love supporting vegan-owned businesses especially those who use creative […]

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General Tso's Tofu: recipe and photo by The Buddhist Chef

I haven’t been experimenting in the kitchen much lately and feel sad for slacking on the food sharing since it’s something I really enjoy. Winter (and I guess Fall?) funk is partly to blame but also because I got involved in a project with a talented group of chefs, aspiring chefs, and bakers. My little […]

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big basket (2)

It’s only extreme on account that we didn’t have a closet and now we do. Our house is over 100 years old, it was the unique character that drew us to it, even in spite of its splintering original wood floors and lead paint safely sealed beneath at least 30 years of protective painted layers. Our bedroom […]

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Maybe it’s because it’s a sunny 50 degree day in January that has me feeling like Spring has come to clear out the winter funk. Or maybe it’s because I accidentally opened my blog on my phone this morning and started reading the last few posts that made me realize I really do enjoy sitting […]

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I’m no stranger to n’ice cream, usually a term I reserve for the vegan banana “soft serve” but when I saw the N’ice Cream Book, and that mouthwatering cover, I wanted more. I had put a temporary hold on ordering anymore cookbooks, because honestly I hardly use them. I buy them to support my food […]

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vegan health and fitness magazine

I was lucky enough for Vegan Health & Fitness magazine to reach out to me for an interview for their new vegan parenting series. You can find the interview starting on page 8 in their September/October issue, with Rob Zombie on the cover, and the magazine can be found at Barnes & Noble. That alone […]

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chickpea magazine

  Long time, no blog! There are a million reasons why blogging had temporarily ceased, some are valid, some are excuses, and there’s also something new in the works which I’m really excited about that I can hopefully reveal next month. But, I’m right here, right now, and wanted to share this long overdue thank […]

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vegan dog

I work from home so my days aren’t typically spent talking with humans but my Rowdy Boys, as I like to call them. Robbie and Atticus, our rescue pups. They follow me from room to room and settle in right next to me wherever I go. I have a standing desk set up now for […]

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vegan broccoli casserole

This week brought another stellar selection of produce in the Relay Foods Bounty Share. While I appreciate all produce equally for the unique nutritional profile they bring, there’s something uniquely special about each bounty. This week we enjoyed beautiful blueberries and perfectly ripe strawberries. I typically stick to frozen strawberries since grocery store selections leave me disappointed […]

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